Summer recap 2014

It’s definately time for a big update/clean up of my website. Especially since the last months were full of new little adventures where I was spending most of the time in the studio, performing, rehearsing, playing, dancing in many different places all over the world.

Finally I am able to do that,
Soon a fresh website will be back online. For now a little update on the last few things I did this summer.

Last week I had the premiere of L.O.V.E by Cecilia Moisio in Amsterdam.
Next dates will be:
16 October Tilburg
21 October Maastricht
2 November Rotterdam
more information can be find on the website of Dansmakers Amsterdam

For the Disconnected Child by Falk Richter/Schaubuhne Berlin, is in it’s 2nd season still a big succes. This weekend (11/12th) it was again completely sold out.
In September FTDC received the Friedrich-Luft-Preis in Berlin for most outstanding production season 2013/14. The next performances will be on 22nd and 23rd of November in Berlin.

This summer I played in my first two feature movies. Both of them will have its premiere in 2015.
The Firebird by Lucas van Woerkum/ Symphonic Cinema.
Baden-Baden by wonderful French Director Rachel Lang.

After some crazy months, some
more quite time untill Decemer is coming up. This will be good cause this means I can refocus/recharge again and figuring out what the next steps will be for 2015. Scary and exciting but I guess that is all part of the freelance artist life. Trust, that again something special will come up.

In July I participatie in the Countertechnique Teacher Training in Melbourne, Australia.
(Anouk van Dijk and Nina Wollny)
After spending inspiring days in the studio I am now officially a Countertechnique Teacher which allows me to share this wonderful information all over the world with other people.

So definately lots of things have happened and most of it has been a great new adventure.

Soon more to come.












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