Things that are happening

There is a difference between a trip and a journey. A trip you plan, you know what the schedule of the day is, you know where you’re going to sleep and you know when it will end and when you are back home. I guess, I am on a journey right now and have absolutely no idea where this will take me, but this journey in NYC will take me somewhere for sure.

The first week when I arrived, I got sucked in straight away in the buzzing life of this city.  Week 1; getting up most days too early (jet lag) exploring the city/observing all these incredible interesting characters walking around here and cruising around on my new sexy red bike in the area I am living (Brooklyn/Williamsburg)

Weirdly enough I ended up most of week 1 in the library. Scanning through ‘my eye-catching’ books and reading lots of old plays. There I ended up in some creative writing workshops and felt I was in a stereo type American comedy movie/AA meeting group. The weirdest people around me sharing their fiction stories and I also had to share mine. Which was to be honest absolutely dreadful but on the other hand, that’s the great thing from being anonymous in a big city… Who cares !!

Beginning of week 2; a little twist in my plan of  just ‘hanging out’ in NY.

Since Tuesday I started at the Susan Batson Studio. Everyday for the next 40 days, 7  days a week. Starting in the morning and not finishing before midnight. It’s Crazy! Basically I could have been in any other city, cause much of NY I won’t see right now. But to be here, in this enviroment learning and mainly developing my acting skills feels absolutely amazing. I guess that first week of wandering around was useful to come to a conclusion that this is something I really want to do. Since I have started here at the studio; how challenging, confronting, difficult, exhausting it already is… I would not want to be somewhere else!

I finished reading the book The Creative habit by choreographer Twyla Tharp. This little bit of text I read last week got me actually to go for it.


“another trap is the belief that everything has to be perfect before you can take the next step.  You won’t move on to that second chapter until the first is written, rewritten, honed, tweaked, examined under a microscope, and buffed to a bright mahogany sheen.  You won’t dip a brush in the paint until you’ve assembled all the colors you can possibly imagine using in the course of the project.  I know it’s important to be prepared, but at the start of the process this type of perfectionism is more like procrastination.  You’ve go to get in there and DO…It’s better to be ready to go than to wait until you are perfectly ready….”



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